Friday, 20 May 2011

Easter Shopping

A few weeks ago I went out shopping with my boyfriend. This was rather a change for me. I’ve never really been interested in shopping, and when we first started seeing each other the role reversal amused me quite a lot, since he was faar more interested in going out shopping with me than I was – any other girl would have loved it completely, I’m sure! It’s interesting thinking and talking about how I’ve changed over the years I’ve been with him. Apart from the obvious development of my dominant self and how that has grown, I’ve become a lot more ‘girly’; interested in clothes and fashions and generally looking good.

We went on quite a few shopping trips over the time we’ve been together, mostly because I ‘needed’ something in particular or because he suggested it and wanted to. I didn’t object to that at all, but it certainly wasn’t an activity I would really pursue. I was much more into when we went on ‘interesting’ shopping trips for D/s related things and toys.

I’ve changed, though. Over time, as my dominant side came out and I felt more and more sexy and like the Goddess I am, I wanted to express that more, wanted to dress up a bit, liked the idea of teasing boys, and I got more into vanilla shopping. So that particular trip was all of my initiative; I decided I wanted to do it, where we’d go, what sort of thing I wanted to buy and I really enjoyed it. We had a wonderful time, and he was a good obedient boy, carrying things for me and generally treating me when I wanted it.

I just find it interesting how the dominant side of me, and it coming out, has enhanced the vanilla side too, and the affect that has had. I’m very different from how I was at the beginning of this relationship and I really do love the ways various parts of me have evolved, developed and matured, so sometimes I may just speculate on how things are different than they were in the beginning.

We also ordered some more interesting things (online) to play with that week, and I got a couple of beautiful new latex dresses that I haven’t had near enough time to completely enjoy, but the brief scene we got to enjoy that week was wonderful.

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