Thursday, 26 May 2011

Submissives are Beautiful

I see submissive boys as beautiful, sweet and soft and lovely. And in need of care and protection and love. I know that there are probably a lot of submissives who don’t like that, who say it’s a stereotype and that they’re perfectly strong and capable of taking care of themselves, that being submissive doesn’t make them any less of a ‘man’. And I agree with that, this isn’t even about masculinity; I’m sure that they are all these things, but that doesn’t change this perception I have.

If you’re submissive, and especially if you’re the type of submissive that I’m attracted to, that clicks with me, that makes me go ‘ohhh’ with just general appreciation, then that’s the way I’ll view you. Sweet and lovely and someone for me to look after. And I was curious why this was my natural reaction, because in essence I see them as innocent, and it occurred to me today, why on earth do I see people obviously exposed to kink and knowing some of the darker things in the world, as innocent. So I started thinking about it some more, and I know what it is now.

To submit to me you have to open yourself completely, have to expose yourself, make yourself vulnerable and show me all of yourself. You have to place yourself into my hands knowingly, blindly, trustingly and give over all control to me. And in doing this, I see the parts of you that you’ve never shown anyone else, the inner deepest parts that you protect from the world. The pure innocence and part that trusts instinctively, the part that you might not even know is there because if you exposed it to the world it could be destroyed so easily. And that’s the part that I see, that I want to protect and nurture and embrace. I want to wrap myself up in it and care for it and love it and show it to you; show you how amazing it can be to just give it all up, to trust and reach out and expose the core of your being. And that part is what makes me gasp, makes me overcome with the essence of what it is; sweet and innocent and in need of protection. And /mine/ to protect, for you’ve given up your own defences, let it out, exposed and vulnerable, knowing that I’d keep it safe. It’s the most beautiful thing I could imagine; the core of another person, revealed to me out of love and trust and an ability that submissives like this have – to be open, to give all of themselves to something else.

So when I tell you that you’re sweet and soft, when I feel like I want to take you home and look after you, that I want to give you a home in my arms, don’t be offended that I think you can’t take care of yourself. It’s me sensing that special part of you, that core that is beautiful and unlike anything else, and wanting to protect that natural beauty. It’s instinctive and wild and beautiful, and I can’t help myself. It’s an emotional, psychological attraction, too deep for me to have realised it before.

And it breaks my heart, just a little. Whenever I feel that, whenever I make that connection, whenever I feel something inside of me reach out and brush something beautiful. It hurts a little sometimes, knowing it will never be mine, knowing there’s that amazing inner part of someone else that I only get a glimpse of here and there – perhaps when the D/s banter takes on a semi-serious undertone, perhaps when I’m in a particularly caring or dominant mood, perhaps when it’s so obvious that they’re desperate for someone to reach that part of them. Whenever I think of a sweet submissive boy with no one to hold and love that part of him – one of the boys I talk with, interact with, perhaps even play with a little, or some anonymous submissive soul – it hurts a little, knowing that I can’t give them that, show them that special part of themselves and bring it out to stroke and pet and care for.

Because I already have my submissive soul, I already have a boy who has exposed it all to me, who has made himself mine. And I’ve touched that part of him, embraced it, held it, cared for it and watched it grow, coming out more as it knows it will be protected, that nothing in the world will be allowed to destroy its innocence and sweetness. I can’t do that again. I can’t immerse myself in someone else the way I have with my boy, because the part of me that’s attracted to that in a boy, that needs it, is already lost in him. And it makes me so happy to see that part of him more and more, to see how unconsciously it comes out when I’m around now – whereas before I would go looking for it. He doesn’t need to think, to consider exposing himself, he just is open to me. How he looks at me and just smiles, pure and innocent and happy, and I see it in his eyes. Dreamy. In love. But more than that. Inner beauty, unable to help from coming up under his Mistress’s eyes, to nuzzle in my arms. It’s how this should be.

So, if you ever get the opportunity, embrace it, open yourself, place yourself willingly in her arms and give yourself over to the beauty inside of you that just wants a home and a chance to come out.

This is my tribute to submissive boys. You’re all beautiful.


  1. Insightful thoughts, you have, Ms. Kathryn.

  2. Beautifully described....real insight and wisdom that most people never see.....Well stated...


  3. That is so lovely Ms. Kathryn. And as a submissive boy, I revel in the thought of being owned by one such as you who "gets it". Of being simply held in your arms, feeling so secure as your gloved hands explore my naked body. Laying my head on your denim-clad lap and being at rest. No need to fear, to worry; only to listen, trust, and obey you.

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  5. Shame You have not carried the blog on, have enjoyed reading it!