Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things to Come: Just a Pleasure Toy

I want to bind and restrain someone, have him helpless and at my mercy, mine to tease and frustrate, unable to do anything about it. I want him to see me and be desperate for my touch, to be able to kiss me...certain parts of my be allowed to bring me pleasure, I want him to get hard at the light touches I give that nonetheless show who has all that gentle power, at the sight of me and the things I say, whisper, the things I suggest, the ideas I tease him with that are just out of their reach. I want him horny and moaning and desperate, begging for anything I might give him, on edge and begging for relief, for me, in any way. Then I want to talk to him about how horny I am, and what I want, how I want to feel their touch, to have him please and pleasure me. I want to look into that sweet, desperate boy's eyes and see what it does to him to hear about my plans, about how I want him to pleasure me, how I want him inside of me, feel his reaction to my kiss and touch's promise of the pleasure to come. I want to see him longing for the relief that that would bring, how being allowed to fuck me would feel.

I want to remove the restraints, tell him I'll allow him to get his pleasure freely from fucking me...and then, before we start, before I allow access, tease him until he's straining and desperate. And, just because I'm feeling evil, put a cock sheath on, enclosing my property so it can barely feel a thing, except for the rubber around it. Then I'll take him, encourage him to fuck me out of desperation, I'll guide him in me and watch as he desperately tries to feel something, hard and fast, desperate, and I'll enjoy the look in his eyes knowing he's so close but he can't feel a thing, knowing that he's just a step away from what would be heavenly bliss. I'll watch him go on - almost against his will, even when he realises it's completely pointless, because his body is so desperate - I'll see him moaning and holding me as tightly as he can, desperate and unfulfilled. And I'll love that I have this power, that I can make him this way, just by what I do, just because I'm feeling mean. And I'll watch as his body calms down, as he knows how pointless it is, how this was never about his pleasure anyway.

And I'll restrain him again to use him as I please, seeing in his eyes that he knows that's the way this is. I'll talk to him, laugh softly at his poor predicament, and have him tell me what he is, have him show me that he knows how he belongs, and knows who this is about. I'll watch as he moans pitifully knowing he won't be feeling anything more tonight, and refocuses his attention, giving himself entirely to pleasing his Goddess, knowing that it won't bring him anything and seeing how deeply he understands that that really isn't important.


  1. Wow, that was painfully pleasurable to read! What parts of your body does he kiss? How does he show you that he knows how he belongs?

  2. This is a fantasy/something I plan to do in the future. I was tempted to make that clear at the beginning, but it kind of ruined the flow, so I hope it did with tags and calling it 'Things to Come'.

    So as for all that, I'll find out ;) But I'd be letting him kiss all over my body...the way I wrote that there was because I wrote this first to send to him, and he'd just been talking about imagining me sitting on his face, being allowed to kiss my ass ;) But the way I'd do it...he'd be allowed to kiss all over, though he'd have to strain for it, to fight his bonds for it.

    And his acceptance shows me he knows where he belongs, when he stops trying to fight it, stops trying to feel the sensation and relaxes and concentrates on pleasuring me. That's when I know he sees that this isn't about him, and his pleasure was never the point. It's not what he's there for.


  3. Am truly wonderful provocative post and one with which I empathise. So delightfully written. Thank you.